Nutritional Supplements



Nutritional supplements are essential in today’s modern world where agriculture and mechanisation have stripped most of our food sources of any real form of nutritional value.

One hundred years ago, a grain of wheat was value packed with nutrients and protein(30%). Today-thanks to the fast paced structure and control behind industry, that one grain has been reduced to just 7% protein.

Most of us have experienced some form of digestive symptom….for example the simple passing of a stool upon greeting the morning’s sunrise has become a challenge for most. Poo is a powerful illustrator of this modern day world, for without that passing of a good poo every day, life becomes constipated and ceases to flow freely in many other aspects.

Chemicals have provided the mechanism for agriculture to meet our exponential human population explosion….and these chemicals are omnipresent in our environment, no matter how safe and organic we live.
So it is essential to provide a means to extract these environmental toxins from our bodies safely via good quality supplements.

Many fantastic forms of high density nutrients can be provided simply from weeds and methods such as fermenting your own kefir – Natalie has a vast knowledge base of the ‘how to’ cook/combine/eat foods as nutritional gifts.
If it cannot be met with food, then high quality supplements are available in the clinic.