Solutions Focused Healing

Solutions focused healing is exactly that – searching for  solutions that best suit each individual’s needs to support wellbeing.

When taking your case history, Natalie will look closely at all components of your life: the time spent in your mother’s womb; genetic blueprints; behavioural imprints; chemical exposures; nutritional imbalances; digestive capacities and psychological expressions… discover the causal factors of a manifestation or presenting imbalance, and the best way for you as an individual to tackle the issue, or issues.

At our clinic we aim to look thoroughly at the  :

  • familial history of any similar patterns
  • birth context and childhood memories of diet, digestion, and elimination
  • history and environment in which the signs and symptoms arose
  • presence of any other current signs, symptoms, diagnosis or medications
  • the factors which cause the symptoms to flare
  • and the interventions that have helped now or in the past
  • epigenetics  (Epigenetics are the factors that bathe our genes and prompt them to express negatively or positively. We have influence over the genetic and cellular expressions that manifest as signs, symptoms, and disease states by modifying epigenetic factors such as diet and lifestyle habits. )


From here we formulate a treatment strategy that may encompass food and dietary changes to suit your nervous system/yin yang energy presentation , meditation , reduction of environmental toxin exposure , techniques to help with stress reduction and enhance good quality sleep, and an acupuncture treatment plan tailored to your individual presentation.