Solutions Focused Healing

Solutions focused healing is exactly that – finding the solutions that best suit each individual’s needs to allow true healing and a sense of peace.

When taking your case history, Natalie will look closely at all components of your life: the time spent in your mother’s womb; genetic blueprints; behavioural imprints; chemical exposures; nutritional imbalances; digestive capacities and psychological expressions… discover the causal factors of a manifestation or presenting imbalance, and the best way for you as an individual to tackle the issue, or issues.

Having suffered from Type 1 diabetes mellitus since the age of one, Natalie has first hand experience of  living with a major disease and all its challenges in the modern world. Her personal journey has provided an inspiring  blueprint for her healing work with others and enabled an assertive drive coupled with compassion. In this post-modern world this coupling of assertion (brain) and compassion/acceptance (heart) provide the key to extraordinary things.

Natalie’s aim is bi-fold: to restore hope, and to empower you to make a real difference in your life. Awareness, balance, peace and flexibility are essentials of healing and a life lived well. The key is in incorporating all aspects of our being – the mind, the physical body and ones’ soul and spirit.