Sound Therapy

Do you want to know more about the impacts emotions like anger, fear, and love have on your body and how to shift them positively without spending years on a therapists couch!?

Are you ready to learn powerful ways shift your mind and emotions to create clarity of mind, calmer emotions and wellbeing, both in the short and long term?

Yes? then you are ready for Good Vibes

What is it?

Good Vibes is a powerful 4 week course where you will come to understand and experience eastern medical philosophy, yogic principles, chanting and meditation blended together weekly in two-hour sessions.

These transformative sessions of total immersion in body-mind awareness will uplift you in the moment, take you on a path of long term healing, growth and self-understanding, and provide you with key tools to handle life ‘as it comes’.

It’s time to sing your soul free!

.. and you dont even need to be able to sing

Brie and Natalie have developed this course together, fusing medicines from a potent mix of western science, kundalini yoga, and Chinese medicine.. and it keeps evolving, getting more potent for you.

This fusion provides a series of simple tools that can be incorporated within your life. Tools directed at our emotional imbalances – grief, joy, sorrow, anger, resentment, fear, anxiety, and our ability to change our expression of, and dwelling upon ‘them’.

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What do we look at?

Week 1 – the heart as an organ of emotional coherence and intelligence

Week 2 – the spleen as our mother, our centre – giving us the ability to contemplate consciously & transform

Week 3 – the liver as an organ of organisation, control, and a moderator of stress

Week 4 – the kidneys – our foundation, our source of life energy

How do we do it?

We believe that it takes a good foundation to have good health and happiness, and that the way we ‘vibrate’ is that foundation.

Our primary focus is on the use of sound, rhythm and vibration as a healing tool. We will employ methods such as breathing, chanting mantras and rhythmic kundalini yoga to replace our old tired rhythms with healthy vibrant ones.

If you can breathe, you are ready!

What do you need to do this course?

.. simply your presence and participation

You don’t need to be a pretzel or a diva of the stage. All you need to do is be present, come to the sessions, participate, and practice with us (and at home too if you are inspired !!.. the more you give, the more you will receive…

We will share the knowledge and practices, we will practice them together, aided by the grouppower of your fellow good-vibers, to create deep change that can enhanced and strengthened by your own continued practice …… and it’s all for you; the bonus is when we do great things for ourselves, the effects ripple out into our world as well, its one of those win-win moments.