Healing does not simply mean the elimination of disease – that is what we call a cure.

Healing has a more exalted meaning than that – healing happens when one releases conditions that have produced harmful tendencies or patterns, whether those tendencies have led to frank disease or not. Thus, healing can occur even before there is disease. When disease has occurred it will be eliminated when the release of these conditions happens early enough for the body to recover. One who is healed has the ability to remain relaxed and peaceful in the face of difficulties and has the flexibility to adapt to changing and difficult conditions in an appropriate healthful way.

– Adapted from the Anatomy of Miracles – Subagh Singh Khalsa

Life in the modern day world is not what life once was.

Humans have become savagely divorced from their true spirit and the natural flow of life, which we see and experience in the current epidemics of fatigue, depression/anxiety, stress, cancer and autoimmune disease. As our lives and environment become increasing unstable, our qi, yin, yang and essence (life force) reflect this extreme imbalance; our health and well-being are the things we sacrifice.

Yang energy – the assertive, strong masculine force that enables us to survive and thrive has become overly aggressive, which we see reflected in the increasing rates of conditions such as depression, stress, heart disease and headaches.

Yin energy – the dark, moist, receptive feminine quality which enables us to find the still point or nucleus of life. Yin energy is grossly deficient in our ever ready society which keeps us constantly striving and stimulated (yang qualities)…..consequently we are unable to cool down, rest, regenerate, sleep and heal – all of which are essential elements for a healthy,balanced body and life. Increasing rates of burn out and adrenal fatigue reflect our modern, fast-paced life, and are a direct result of our lack of Yin.


This is where Natalie’s talents serve her clients best – Natalie combines her experience and knowledge gained as a therapist and lecturer with your individual story – elements such as blood chemistry, lifestyle, Chinese Medicine differential diagnosis (case history involving analysis of the bodies systems according to Chinese medicine). This uncovers your personal imbalances of yin and yang, with the aim being to then restore that balance. With yin and yang in balance we get our life energy flowing and can remove any obstacles that are or have been obstructing the natural flow, all of which opens the doors to your bodies natural health and healing capacities.


‘Get to the root

Learn the tools

Live the solution’


The tools Natalie draws upon are tailored to your individual condition and diagnosis. This she combines with the path you wish to take in your healing journey, and the ongoing responses of your body.

Natalie primarily uses Acupuncture and techniques of Chinese medicine such as cupping and moxibustion, supported by utilising foods as medicine, massage (Natalie was a much sought after massage therapist for over 20 years), nutritional therapy (supplements, usually short term to correct deficiencies) as well as more physical therapies such as breath-work and yoga. Natalie has also studied in a variety of related fields such as Buddhism, meditation, yoga, psychology and shamanic healing, all of which can be drawn on to support you when appropriate.

Natalie has also lectured in acupuncture and a variety of other sciences related to natural medicine to undergraduate students at the Endeavour College Of Natural Medicine and Australasian College of Natural Therapies.  Natalie is committed to educating people from all walks of life through continual workshops and seminars which combine both current Western medical and Chinese medical knowledge and wisdom.

Natalie is an AHPRA certified acupuncturist registered with the Chinese Medicine Registration Board of Australia in the divisions of Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine. She is also a member of the Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association (AACMA).  AACMA is the largest Chinese medicine-dedicated professional association for practitioners of Chinese medicine in Australia.

Natalie also loves working with animals of all kinds….her first degree was in Agricultural Science giving a sound base of anatomy and physiology of farm creatures.  A career highlight was treating a 400 kilogram male Bengali tiger - Rhakan - utilising acupuncture to sedate and treat this beautiful animal successfully.