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I’m Dr Natalie Fitzpatrick (Acupuncture), for the past 30 years I have been practising acupuncture and healing, sharing my passion for educating people into wellness to enhance their health, wellbeing and life.

Acupuncture/Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)  is my main area of expertise, and the main tool that I use in helping you find your way back to a healthy life balance. This our goal when you work with me. In practice I combine ‘food as medicine’, meditation practices, and other healing techniques that can support your resilience and ability to adapt to our current busy existance.

In addition to my extensive experience with TCM, I have a deep thirst for knowledge, keeping up to date with current medical knowledge, enhancing my treatments with knowledge in healing through food & nutritional medicine, and uncovering techniques to help resolve underlying patterns wherever they may be – body, mind or spirit.

I aim to hold a deep healing space for you,  grounded in knowledge and experience, combined with a compassionate, soulful heart. I have a a natural talent for understanding the root cause of disease and unbalanced states of body and mind, as well as the drive to uncover it.

Each session is supported by over 30 years of experience working as a therapist, healer and teacher.

For my clients, this means I dive deep to heal not only what is presenting, but what began the process, so your healing is geared towards just that – healing and not simply relief of symptoms. While symptomatic relief is part of the process, restoring balance and with it health and wellbeing is the goal.

Throughout your sessions we will work together to develop treatment plans and deliver solutions tailored specifically for you.

Just as there is no one simple cause for the ills of the world, there are no one-size-fits all solutions.

Currently I am engaged in studying Functional Medicine with world leading practitioners (largely based in the United States). Functional Medicine focuses on root-cause resolution which means we ask WHY, not WHAT. In order to find the roots (and there are likely many), we need to clear the mud from the waters, so that we can see with more certainty. So in the gathering of information around your health we look at WHY those symptoms showed  up. Then what we can do to remedy the manifestation.

This, I believe, represents the way medicine will go for our future, tending to the soil around our roots so that we can thrive as opposed to survive in the modern and sadly toxic world/environment.

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Natalie has been running her successful acupuncture clinic for over 28 years; she enjoys treating people from all walks of life, and with a broad range of conditions.

In addition to running her private clinic, Natalie has lectured in Acupuncture and Massage courses with Endeavour College and the Australasian College of Natural Therapies for over 10 years on a broad range of subjects,  including Differential Diagnosis (Chinese Medicine), Student Acupuncture Clinic Mentoring, Musculoskeletal Conditions, Paediatrics, Gynaecology, Fertility, Food as Medicine, Counselling, Botany and more.

Today she teaches in private settings alongside her yogi-healer partner, Briellen McAlpine, leading courses and workshops together in areas of Meditation, Sound & Mantra, and Natalie’s great passion, Gut Health.

All these courses are designed to equip people with deeper understanding and fast acting effective tools for self-healing,  cohesion and wellness from within.    These courses have been developed by Natalie and Brie together, bringing together the very best of their wisdom and experience in Chinese Medicine, Western Science, Yoga (primarily Kundalini style) and Meditation.


Dr Natalie Fitzpatrick is fully certified, registered and insured as an Acupuncturist.

She hold membership with AACMA (Australian Chinese Medicine Association, since 1995), and is registered as an acupuncturist with AHPRA (Allied Health Practitioners Register of Australia, since 2012 when this became a legal requirement).


For a more detailed list of Natalie’s qualifications and training, please click here. ( coming soon...its quite the list :)

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