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Acupuncture +TCM


Acupuncture and TCM are used by Dr Natalie Fitzpatrick as the mainstay of her practice. In treatment Natalie combines her over 30 years of experience and knowledge with your individual story – elements such as blood chemistry, lifestyle, Chinese Medicine differential diagnosis to uncover where you are presenting as ‘out of balance’, before then setting about to support your body to come back to balance.

Natalie uses fine, quality needles and products along with an innate sensitivity to support you in a healing process that is as sensitive as it is effective. She is one part intellect, one part intuition and is committed to getting the best results for you in each treatment through her individually tailored treatment plans.

Gut & Nervous System


The guts of your health - the state of your Gut is the background to your overall state of wellbeing.

Through her personal experience Natalie has developed a passion for investigating illness and precursors to disease from the perspective of your gut health. Yes, everyone’s doing it - with Natalie you will know that you are doing it right.

This she combines with her TCM training and additional studies in Functional Medicinal, Nutritional Therapy, Psychology, Trauma Resolution, SIBO, GIT diagnosis, and her personally tailored GUT reset programs to support your individual needs.

Lifestyle Education

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In addition to one-on-one consults and treatment plans, I offer workshops addressing ways we can live better in today’s world, with my partner Briellen who brings yoga, breathwork and energy healing wisdom.

We are adept at sourcing and combining the best of current innovations and ancient wisdom to bring you tips and lifestyle tools that are effective and easy to implement - not just the latest fad.

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"Healing does not simply mean the elimination of disease – that is what we call a cure. Healing has a more exalted meaning than that – healing happens when one releases conditions that have produced harmful tendencies or patterns, whether those tendencies have led to frank disease or not."


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JOIN ME, Natalie Fitzpatrick [Acupuncturist and Gut Health Educator] ,
and Briellen McAlpine
[Senior Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Breathworker, Energy Healer]

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For a morning immersed in the health of your gut - learn ways to build a solid foundation for your overall health and wellbeing, as well as how to reduce symptoms and potentially even turn around many health conditions.

This 4 hour immersive workshop includes learning about GUT function (so you have a better idea of when it’s NOT working as it should, a major disease precursor), as well as how your gut health is impacting your overall health and wellbeing, as well as that of your loved ones.

Leaky Gut and poor gut health is behind conditions such as: Type 2 diabetes, IBS/IBD/Chrohn’s/ Coeliac, hormonal imbalances, food sensitivities, poor immunity, mental and emotional health and more - it all begins with your GUT your physical and mental-emotional wellbeing is supported by good gut health, no matter where you are at right now.

And this is why we developed Good GUTS - so you can make better choices and be empowered when it come to taking charge of your health.

As well as sharing the knowledge that we have, you will also experience Prana Yoga and Meditation and other techniques that help to reset your nervous system, build vagal tone ( dont worry, we will tell you what that is and why that’s important too!) , as well support a healthy mental-emotional state and digestive function.

We cover the physical, the mental and the subtle spiritual aspects of health and disease in a grounded, functional way ( sometimes funny too - good humour is also good for our health!) while inspiring you to living your best life. Using language you understand, and teaching things you can easily employ in your life right now.

Join us, and take a positive step towards creating your own Good GUTS and great health. Your future deserves it!

Why Join us when you can get so much info for free and/or from Dr Google??


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