Body Work that goes soul deep

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Fire Cupping

Using traditional glass cups with a gentle suction, this modality has many traditional applications. From musculoskeletal (pain, discomfort, arthritis) to respiratory issues, menstrual/reproductive health and more. May be indicated as part of treatment for the common cold.

Gua Sha

A traditional ‘scrpaingtechnique for moving heat out of the body.


A traditional therapy for bringing warmth to the body.

Fascial Cupping

Using modern silicon cups, this is the most dynamic way to remodel your bodies fascia for musculoskeletal rehabilition in all body areas. This technique releases tension from the bodies tissues (fascia - connective tissue) which can enhance blood flow (helping the body to heal), increase range of motion through joints, help release tension headaches and more.

Vagal Nerve Stimulation

To help with resetting the nervous system and balancing sympathetic/parasympathetic nervous system function.

Gentle Psoas Release

Tension in these large muscle are indicated in many spinal and hip issues, as well as having the potential to impact your digestion, reproductive system and breathing.
I only work this muscle in the gentlest and most non-invasive of ways; this area is often connected to trauma patterning that is held in the body - it should always be treated gently and with the utmost respect - an invitation to unfold and let go.