GOOD GUTS    |   Wisdom & Wellness Session

with Dr. Natalie Fitzpatrick (Acupuncturist & Integrative Medicine Practitioner)

& Briellen McAlpine (Rebirthing Breathwork Practitioner, Senior Yoga & Meditation Teacher)

The Wisdom and Wellness Session that gives you the knowledge and support that you need to:

- make informed health choices, moving beyond overwhelm and health denial

- cut through the minefield of health fads, BS and pills that either don’t deliver or create new issues

- learn ways to support your body in being as healthy as it can be, starting with your Gut/ GIT

- get your mind & nervous system aligned with your goals - get past your inner saboteur, and be empowered to create and sustain real change for yourself

[ all disease begins in the gut. and so does your health. ]

next session: SUNDAY 17th March

9am-1pm   |  Zen Space, Samford

$115 earlybird | $145 on the day

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